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Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Solve "Nokia Certificate not on Phone or Sim"

Recently i seen the issue in my friend mobile handset its (Nokia), after flash the mobile he is not able to install any application it cause occur  " Certificate not in Phone and Sim"

Sometimes while updating the phone or when you’re just completely out of luck, your Nokia phone may not install any new applications because it has lost all its certificates which are used to install signed applications to the phone and allot them proper permissions depending on how much can they be trusted.

People keep asking me for help regarding this same question again and again. So I’m publishing a solution here to help anyone who faces a No Valid Certificate or Certificate not on phone or SIM error on his Nokia S40 phone (even other phones can get the certificates through this method. Just give it a try.

Procedure to re-install Nokia certificates

All you need to do is to open the certificates in the phone’s default browser. Opera Mini or Nokia Browser will NOT work. I’ve uploaded the certificates onto the server here, so it is just a few easy steps for you.

Compose a new SMS in your phone.
Write as the content.
Now either save this SMS as draft or send it to your own number so that you can access its content in the message viewer.
In the message viewer, select the link and open it (tap on it in case of touch phones).
From the page that opens (, keep clicking on the various certificates and Install them.
The certificates will be installed and available for approving signed apps.
To confirm, you can Goto Settings> Security> Authority Certificates

Alternative Way:

If you have access to entering the web address in your default browser (web), you can just skip the first 4 steps and instead manually enter the address in your browser’s Go To Address column and install certificates from the page that opens.

for more information you have see the below video

Monday, 22 October 2012

How to Download Nokia Apps on your Computer

All we are trying to get the application on your computer or safe place because in future you don't want to download again in Ovi store or without internet facility we can to use these application. But Nokia Ovi store don't give you permission to download apps on computer and the option (Download via PC) always show hide. 

Then process of very simple to download application on your computer without using any software, for download the apps you have to registered on Ovi store, after that follow mention below instruction. 

  • Login in with your Ovi store 
  • Set you mobile in which one you are using 

  • Select or search the application.
  • After that open the application on new tab.
  • Go to the Application URL and edit the URL, After application Number add the /download and press Enter 

  • On your screen you will get the Application pop-up

  • Now Click Ok and save the file where you want to save.

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Reset your Nokia mobile on Factory Setting

Some time your mobile hang while opening any content, your work is safer you won't check your important mail and information, and the reason of suffering you mobile  slow performance. And you gone to mobile shop and reconfigure your mobile. So friends today we will discuses how to solve these type of  error without pay any fess.

1) Why your mobile is Slow......?

Reason: Today all mobile user like browsing in mobile they are using different type of application & site to chat, mail, etc. but they are not using any "Antivirus" and "Firewall" and the after some time virus will effect the mobile and mobile performance will solve. Mostly mobile performance slow because they infected to Virus.

Solution :
  • Install the antivirus in your mobile handset and regularly update that one. i give you some best performance antivirus for Nokia Mobiles. 
  • Mobile Antivirus : Kaspersky Mobile Security, McAfee VirusScan , NetQin Antivirus    more...
  • Use safety caution in handset User Guide Book .
  • While Removing you memory card don't forget to "Switch off" your mobile.
  • If you install new song and picture etc.. through computer be sure your computer not infected with virus otherwise it will effected you mobile also.If after installing the antivirus application still your mobile working slow then using these tips.......................... 

Factory settings

This is possible to reset your Nokia to factory settings (Note that you will lose all your data). For this look in the manual of your phone. 

Soft Reset

Soft Reset will clear pending errors and bring your mobile to an initial state by restoring Factory setting. To operate this function on your mobile, the shortcut is: *#7380#. This function apparently works on almost all Nokia mobile phones.

Hard Reset

It may happen that despite you have restored your mobile to factory setting, the error still exist. In this case, it is recommended that you opt for Hard reset
  • Enter the code: *#7370# and press Yes to confirm initialization.
    • Important Notice: It is recommended that you save all important information on your phone (e.g: memo, contacts etc)
  • To make a Hard Reset on a Nokia phone that is not willing to turn on, just press simultaneously these 3 buttons:
  • on/off + * + 3
    • Before making a Hard reset better backup all your important information: contacts, memo...etc   
    • After using the factory setting, Soft Reset and Hard Reset install the Antivirus in your mobile.
    • For more help see the related video of hard & soft resetting of Nokia phone......(Coming Soon)
If you have any problem to resetting you mobile fell free contact me.

How to root(hack) your Symbian Smart Phone to remove certificate errors

Now you can hack your Symbian Smart Phone to remove certificate errors and enable installation of unsigned applications or games without cer & key via Norton Symbian Hack.

  • Download package Hacked belle official in below.. and copy all files to phone memory or memory card.
  • Find and install “NortonSymbianHackLDD.sis”. (Copied in step 1)
  • After Installed, Launch it.
  • press Options -> select Anti-Virus -> select Quarantine list
  • Then select options -> restore (or restore all ). Then click yes.
  • After completing step 5, If you don’t use it (Norton), you can delete it from App manager
  • Find and install “RomPatcherPlus_3.1_LiteVersion.sisx” (Copied in step 1)
  • Launch ROMPatcher.
  • After launch it, you apply the second patch (click the blue circle)
        - Open4all.rmp
        - Installserver.rmp
  • as one by the press Options -> Add to auto
  • Find & Install xplore (copied in step 1)
  • Launch xplore. Press Menu -> tools -> Choose 2 line: show systems file and show hiden file.
  • Then find installserver.exe (copied in step 1). Use xplore copy paste it to c/sys/bin.
  • Restart the phone

Hacked belle official Download Link

How to Reset Nokia C7-00 and N8

How to Reset Nokia C7-00 and N8

Important Note: To proceed to reset, the battery must be full and themobile device connected to the charger. If during the course of reset,the mobile stop receiving electricity it can ruin the internal flash memory of the mobile device and stop function.

Nokia C7-00 & N8 soft reset code

There is one more combination number which can be used for the all Symbian phones. The combination of the numbers of the *#7370# and also the *#7780# can be used for the Hard reset option. This is only used for the Symbian phones and not for any of the phones. The code may or may not full proof but it has yielded better results in many of the Symbian phones and should also work for the C7.

Code to soft reset the Nokia C7-00
1.- Basic soft Reset or Soft Reset for nokia C7-00 This option restores the .ini files from the ROM.

Does not erase data (photos, videos, documents) or applications from a third party. Key Code *# 7780 # (click this combination of keys on the keyboard in the mobile)

2.- Total Reset or Soft Reset for nokia C7-00

This option restores the original operating system from the ROMFormats the C: partition and deletes all data including the memory card. Key Code *#7370# (click this combination of keys on the keyboard in the mobile)

How to Hard reset Nokia C7-00 & N8

The following procedure should be carried out for hard reset of the Nokia C7 phones:

  1. Simultaneously hold the home button, camera button and the volume button.
  2. After that with the same buttons you got to click the power on button until the phone vibrates.
  3. After the procedure is complete release the power on button while still holding the three buttons simultaneously and you got to wait till you hear the Nokia sound.

This will soft reset your mobile phone and you got to wait till all the processes are carried out and it will take some time.

However hard resetting can cause you the lose of all the important data that you have in your phone. If you have got a virus related issue then you can try the various virus console that are available in the computers and also try the Nokia system's virus console where you get to learn the different virus that can affect the Symbian phone.

If the above steps are not working for your phone then you can contact the Nokia care system support team which will provide you help with all the software related issues. You have an another option that you can contact the retailer regarding the issue and he will surely give you a better view as to how the hard reset can be done on your phone. The hard reset option takes some time so you have to wait until all the set processes are over as it deletes all the files that are present in it and also depends on phone as to how much efficiently it will work.

[Solved] Certificate Expired Error on Symbian Phone

If you use an Symbian S60 3rd edition based mobile phone (Nokia N-Series phones like N73, N95, N80, N91, N80 and E-Series phones use Symbian S60v3 as OS) you must have encountered the very common certificate errors like 'Certificate Expired' or 'Certificate Error. Contact Application Supplier' while installing themes or softwares on your phone.
The errors are caused because of the security measures introduced into the new version of Symbian Series 60 mobile operating system disallowing installation of old applications and invalid certificates, however bypassing this security feature and fixing these certificate errors to install themes and softwares is very easy, simply follow the instructions below:
  • Open you mobile main Menu.

  • Navigate to Settings -> General -> Date and time and Now change the year back one year.

  • Now install the application.(Don't forget to change date back to original)
  • If the above does not solve the problem Goto the Application Manager.

  • Click the Options  and select the Settings 

  • And set "Online Certificate check" = Off and Software Installation = All.

UPDATE: If you own an older phone you might receive the following error: "Installation security error. Unable to install" 

To solve this error and install application/Theme navigate to Tools -> Options -> Setting -> Software Installation and change setting to On.