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Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Reset your Nokia mobile on Factory Setting

Some time your mobile hang while opening any content, your work is safer you won't check your important mail and information, and the reason of suffering you mobile  slow performance. And you gone to mobile shop and reconfigure your mobile. So friends today we will discuses how to solve these type of  error without pay any fess.

1) Why your mobile is Slow......?

Reason: Today all mobile user like browsing in mobile they are using different type of application & site to chat, mail, etc. but they are not using any "Antivirus" and "Firewall" and the after some time virus will effect the mobile and mobile performance will solve. Mostly mobile performance slow because they infected to Virus.

Solution :
  • Install the antivirus in your mobile handset and regularly update that one. i give you some best performance antivirus for Nokia Mobiles. 
  • Mobile Antivirus : Kaspersky Mobile Security, McAfee VirusScan , NetQin Antivirus    more...
  • Use safety caution in handset User Guide Book .
  • While Removing you memory card don't forget to "Switch off" your mobile.
  • If you install new song and picture etc.. through computer be sure your computer not infected with virus otherwise it will effected you mobile also.If after installing the antivirus application still your mobile working slow then using these tips.......................... 

Factory settings

This is possible to reset your Nokia to factory settings (Note that you will lose all your data). For this look in the manual of your phone. 

Soft Reset

Soft Reset will clear pending errors and bring your mobile to an initial state by restoring Factory setting. To operate this function on your mobile, the shortcut is: *#7380#. This function apparently works on almost all Nokia mobile phones.

Hard Reset

It may happen that despite you have restored your mobile to factory setting, the error still exist. In this case, it is recommended that you opt for Hard reset
  • Enter the code: *#7370# and press Yes to confirm initialization.
    • Important Notice: It is recommended that you save all important information on your phone (e.g: memo, contacts etc)
  • To make a Hard Reset on a Nokia phone that is not willing to turn on, just press simultaneously these 3 buttons:
  • on/off + * + 3
    • Before making a Hard reset better backup all your important information: contacts, memo...etc   
    • After using the factory setting, Soft Reset and Hard Reset install the Antivirus in your mobile.
    • For more help see the related video of hard & soft resetting of Nokia phone......(Coming Soon)
If you have any problem to resetting you mobile fell free contact me.


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