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Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Solve "Nokia Certificate not on Phone or Sim"

Recently i seen the issue in my friend mobile handset its (Nokia), after flash the mobile he is not able to install any application it cause occur  " Certificate not in Phone and Sim"

Sometimes while updating the phone or when you’re just completely out of luck, your Nokia phone may not install any new applications because it has lost all its certificates which are used to install signed applications to the phone and allot them proper permissions depending on how much can they be trusted.

People keep asking me for help regarding this same question again and again. So I’m publishing a solution here to help anyone who faces a No Valid Certificate or Certificate not on phone or SIM error on his Nokia S40 phone (even other phones can get the certificates through this method. Just give it a try.

Procedure to re-install Nokia certificates

All you need to do is to open the certificates in the phone’s default browser. Opera Mini or Nokia Browser will NOT work. I’ve uploaded the certificates onto the server here, so it is just a few easy steps for you.

Compose a new SMS in your phone.
Write as the content.
Now either save this SMS as draft or send it to your own number so that you can access its content in the message viewer.
In the message viewer, select the link and open it (tap on it in case of touch phones).
From the page that opens (, keep clicking on the various certificates and Install them.
The certificates will be installed and available for approving signed apps.
To confirm, you can Goto Settings> Security> Authority Certificates

Alternative Way:

If you have access to entering the web address in your default browser (web), you can just skip the first 4 steps and instead manually enter the address in your browser’s Go To Address column and install certificates from the page that opens.

for more information you have see the below video


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